Modern Recliner Sectional Sofa Couch #70255

Cyber Furnish

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Modern Motion Sectional Set, Featuring Tufted Cushionings, Recliners, Drawer Storage, Folding Tray and underseat Storage - In Espresso Leather-Gel Cover.

Dimension Sofa

72x38x39 H






Leather furniture makes a beautiful addition to many room designs, but it takes a little more loving care than fabric furniture. You'll want to dust it regularly, vacuum out the crevices, and clean spills immediately. Check the manufacturer's tag for specific instructions and never use chemicals or cleaners not designed for leather. Place your furniture away from air conditioners, heat sources, and prolonged direct sunlight. Use a leather conditioner regularly to keep it pristine and if you must store it, take precautions including never wrapping leather furniture in plastic.