LuxiSleep Adjustable Foam Mattress King size

Luxi Sleep

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  • ADJUSTABLE MEMORY FOAM BED-IN-A-BOX: Shape-matching technology ensures your mattress is the ultimate in comfort.
  • INDIVIDUAL COMFORT: Every Luxi 3-in-1 mattress comes with adjustable layers that can increase the softness and firmness to meet your individual needs.
  • SHAPE-MATCHING TECHNOLOGY: Clinically proven to enhance your sleep by relieving pressure where you need it most. SMT delivers the perfect amount of “sink” and “hug” for your body weight, sleep position and pressure profile.
  • DUAL-SIDE ADJUSTABILITY: If you have a sleep partner, you likely have different comfort needs. Luxi is designed to help with that. If desired, each side of the mattress can be adjusted independently to best satisfy both sleepers.
  • NEW BREATHING TECHNOLOGY: With the help of our breathable top fabric, air flows through the mattress quickly to boost the speed of heat transfer. SBT shapes function like a series of channels running horizontally both from side to side removing heat by airflow.